“Have-A-Heart” for World Thrombosis Day

Have a Heart for WTD

World Thrombosis Day is coming up in just a couple of weeks on October 13 and BCRN is excited to “Have-A-Heart” and be a worldwide partner in “Stopping Blood Clots and Saving Lives.” The mission of World Thrombosis Day is “to increase awareness of thrombosis as the cause of the top cardiovascular killers globally, and, ultimately, to reduce deaths and disabilities from thromboembolic disease through a greater awareness of its causes, risk factors, signs and symptoms, and evidence-based prevention and treatment.”

As I reflect on that mission, I think about how blood clots have touched my own life, the life of my family and friends and the lives of so many people I don’t know on a personal level. The DVT and PE that I suffered in 2012 completely changed the course of my life and greatly affected those who are closest to me as well. I almost did not survive my PE and that has forever changed me from the person I once was. I know, looking back, that I was among the lucky ones to have survived as so many others have not survived this horrible illness/injury and truthfully, I am both touched and saddened to hear of those who have not survived. It affects me deeply to hear of others who are no longer here and reaffirms why events like World Thrombosis Day are so crucial to raising public awareness of the causes, risk factors, signs and symptoms of blood clots, including DVT and PE. So many people simply do not know, or know they should know, and people are dying everyday because of this lack of knowledge. It is my hope that through BCRN and events like WTD, I can help to increase knowledge and awareness and ultimately, decrease deaths and eradicate thrombosis as a top cardiovascular killer. It has to stop. It has to stop now, before more lives are lost.

In preparation of World Thrombosis Day 2014, The International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis, Inc. have put together some very valuable resources for you to read and most importantly, to share. Here are some of the highlights that I find extremely useful:

  • What is Thrombosis? – An interactive infographic explaining the signs, symptoms and risk factors of DVT and PE, including an explanation of what exactly is VTE.
  • Key Terms to Know – An extensive glossary of common terms surrounding blood clots, DVT and PE.
  • Blood Clots at A Glance – A great infographic for distribution.
  • FAQs About Blood Clots – Get the facts for you, family, friends or colleagues. If you have a question, you will find the answer here.

And, for those of you who are active on Social Media, you can find World Thrombosis Day on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you use hashtags #JoinWTDay #WTDay14 and #stopdeadlyclots. You can also get WTD campaign materials, including downloadable flyers (which I already have hanging at my office) and social media profile pictures (change yours now or on October 13).

In support of World Thrombosis Day, I would like to introduce a new product in the shop – the “Have-A-Heart” Bracelet.

Have a Heart Bracelet

It is $6 and from now through October 31, 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the “Have-A-Heart” Bracelet will go to World Thrombosis Day, presented by the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis. I will make a donation to them at the end of the month so order soon! Shipping is also $6 (Domestic and International). All items in the shop are shipped via Priority Mail. Orders of the “Have-A-Heart” Bracelet will be shipped immediately.

Click here to order your “Have-A-Heart” Bracelet today and support World Thrombosis Day 2014.


Reader Writes In. How are you supporting World Thrombosis Day?

There is hope for healing and you are not alone,


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