The mission of Blood Clot Recovery Network is to provide a community where blood clot patients, and their families and friends, can join together to find information and support to help aid in recovery from the often life-changing impact of blood clots, including deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE).

Surviving and recovering from a blood can be difficult and lonely, and we as patients are often lacking the information and support needed to help us understand blood clots and blood clot recovery.

Blood Clot Recovery Network is here to remind you that there is hope for healing from blood clots, and you are not alone.

Through sharing my personal story, as well as providing a platform where you can share your story, I hope to build a community based on mutual understanding, awareness, and undeniable belief that there is hope for recovery, while still celebrating our differences in diagnosis, treatment and lifestyles that make us so unique to begin with.

I seek to share information about blood clot recovery with you through four main principles:

  1. Education: I seek to educate other people about blood clot risks factors, signs and symptoms, treatment, and recovery. I also hope to share important information about blood clot prevention.
  2. Encouragement: There is hope for healing after a blood clot. Through my work here, I  encourage other patients like me to learn as much as they can about blood clots and blood clot recovery, seek out a knowledgeable and compassionate medical team, connect with a peer support community, and allow yourself the time that you need to heal.
  3. Enrichment: BCRN is a safe environment where we can discuss, share and communicate to help each other as we recover together from blood clots.
  4. Empowerment: I hope to give you the tools you need not only to recover from blood clots, or help someone you know recover from blood clots, but to serve as an advocate for blood clot awareness and prevention in your personal communities.