1. Elizabeth Zelenak says

    I’m always glad to hear from you Sara. We have too much in common. What a trip to London. So glad you’re ok. I haven’t taken a trip since my PE September 3016. Had another day ictober that year and then a stroke in January 3017. Since then I have been diagnosed with polycythemia Vera and sntiphosphlipid syndrome. Either of these diseases could have caused my clotting events. You said somewhere else that a blood clot is only the beginning and oh how true. I am already in my 70’s but hemo-onco says if they can control the clotting I can live another 10 or 20 years, scoff, scoff. I hope I can. I am caregivervto my adult disabled grandson so that in itself causes enough stress to add to my illness worries. v

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