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In my quest to eat more naturally – without processed foods, chemicals and anything that could be harmful to my body, even at the cellular level – I found an unrivaled resource for ordering nutritional and health products, vitamins, supplements and even organic food. Swanson Health Products is a leading online supplier of nutritional health products including top brand ingredients and well-known brand names at a fraction of the cost of buying these products in your local drug store. I have been shopping with Swanson Health Products for about two years and consider them my go-to site for anything I need in terms of nutritional supplements (like Vitamin D and Coconut Oil), make-up (I have a small lip-glass obsession), dog treats and even products like herbal teas (the Numi Organic Carrot Curry Tea is delightfully savory)  and hot sauce (well-known fact about me: I can’t live without hot sauce) at a very reasonable cost.

For just under $100, I was able to get all of this from Swanson Health Products:

As part of an ongoing battle with metabolic syndrome (I believe stemming from APS) and ongoing thyroid issues, I am more often than not Vitamin D deficient. I also am a firm believer in the positive healing, nutritional and weight-loss of effects of pure fats such as Coconut Oil and one of my absolute favorite Swanson Products is this Vitamin D-3 with Certified Organic Coconut Oil capsule. It costs $4.99 for up to a two month supply (compared to $8.99 retail and almost $20 for my Vitamin D prescription) and has the Coconut Oil in it. When I am not taking high-dose Vitamin D (which I do several times throughout the year as my body changes), I take this daily (with my doctor’s approval*).

I also ordered lip gloss and found I really like the design of EOS and the fact that it is organic. And Burt’s Bees is a staple for me, especially if it has anything to do with purple:

Swanson Health Products also carries a large supply of Bee products, which I use in my home to fight small infections, toothaches and skin abrasions.

I love the selection of organic and natural products too like this hot sauce, which I am exited to try:

And, last, but certainly not least, these two puppies were very excited to receive a Swanson Care Package because Swanson does carry their favorite brand of treats:

Does this face not scream “I LOVE GREENIES!”

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Share your story. Where do you get your health and nutritional products? Do you save money? What is your favorite health product? What are you doing to take care of yourself? Have you visited Swanson?

There is hope for healing and you are not alone,



*As with any new nutritional or weight-loss initiative, if you are planning to take nutritional supplements in conjunction with your blood thinning (or any doctor-prescribed) medications, please be sure to discuss this with your doctor prior to taking anything new.


Thank You to Swanson Health Products for providing me with a voucher to order from and review their site. I am so grateful for the ongoing partnership I have with a company that shares the same healthy living goals as me! 


  1. DAN HANLON says:

    My dog loves greenies, they are new and improved meaning dog salvia dissolves the product. They come in three flavors original, blueberry and one more…

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