Blood Clots and Travel

Sitting for long periods of time with limited mobility, or the inability to move, is a risk factor for dangerous blood clots. If you are sitting in a car, plane, bus, or train for long periods of time, you could be at risk for a blood clot.

My top tips and posts for traveling after blood clots:
If you are traveling by airplane, here are some precautions you can take:
  • Get an aisle seat, bulkhead (front of the main cabin) seat, or upgrade to extended legroom 
  • When you get to your Gate, ask the airline attendant if you can board early. Some airlines offer pre-boarding, either for a fee or at no cost. For me, this helps to relieve anxiety and ensures I can get settled, or get an aisle seat before everyone else gets on the plane.  
  • Take your medications on board with you. Here are the TSA Guidelines for flying with injections (you can take them on board with you)
  • Take your medication in the prescription bottles. If you do not have them in prescription bottles, take a printed list of your medications from the pharmacy with you. Any pharmacy will provide you with this list if you ask for it. I carry a list like this with me every time I go on a trip away from home. 
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